Low-fi ad prototypes, visuals are NOT final

This was a very rough concept that I wrote and produced in 2 days. Ultimately the direction was not chosen.

Art Direction, Sculpting, Writing
credit for this illustration goes to Osiel Gomez.  After I had pitched the concept to him he was very excited and quickly able to sketch this on paper.  We scanned the artwork and I brought it into Zbrush and did a quick extursion and sculpt from the image for the top of the collumn.
What would take position as the spot's "end card", I designed this and a handful of other similar options we had explored.  The column and device were modeled, textured and lit in Cinema 4D, the quick low fidelity layout was done in Photoshop, then ultimatly animated in After Effects to be scored and added to the final edit in Adobe Premiere Pro.
We were so inspired with the roman columns story telling stone impressions that still stand today, we found this fantastic clip from "Ryse", which also used the roman art direction.

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