While its efforts were appreciated, after being quickly  presented to leadership this super simple "show me dont tell me" aproach did not end up being recieved - as it was seen as not having enough "voice".  So far the brand had invested in a very straight forward aproach.  Maintaining an honest "voice" with the customer is held above all else, as it should.  The idea to be "authentic" and forth comming about how we execute this communication in our messaging is very dialog heavy, with perhpas that same rich in depth explanation our website had taken for so many successful years.  I must also confess the idea of showing a proof of concept at some what of a mid fydelity can be a confusing format.  As it can get too close to looking like a poorly executed un polished finished spot.  In my opinion its possible this also may have suffered form such, an "uncanny valley" of devices issue.

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