New York Marathon course concept piece I created as part of a larger presentation "proof of concept".

Here are a couple rendered look/dev frames from my initial design comps for a proposal to refresh the NYC Marathon course video/animation.

Initially I explored a few different ways to represent the map from a technical perspective as well as an over all visual look/feel choice. I wanted to display the entire 26.2 mile course in a simple and clean way in order to bring focus on the marathon route. At the same time I needed to accurately represent the course. After exploring multiple styles and map renderings I ended up displaying the city 1:1 real world scale/map which created a HUGE amount of data.  In order to process the massive data set both from a technical and a visually pleasing perspective I decided to remove about 95% of the building and street detail while staying true to real world scale and volume. This was key in order to represent the course as accurately as possible, while I was in NYC at the marathon conference I noticed hundreds of people crowding around the looping video studding this course map quite extensively. Also, keeping the map true to scale would be essential if we later wanted to apply this same 3D city model to a real time game engine (such as UNREAL ENGINE) allowing real-time GPS data to be overlay-ed on the map during the actual race.

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