Redesigning the way we do retail display videos ( on device at the point of retail) we designed a much more user centric " experience first" demo, that needed zero localization, working universal for worldwide markets.  Animated in After Effects we created this entirely in house with only one other designer to help.  As a result between saving on production cost and not requiring any localization our " new and improved" design methods saved our departments cost center over a million dollars on this project alone.  This service is required to be done for EVERY new digital product and screen size that ships a year.   
While this was NOT the only project our two person  team had saved a million + confirmed dollars by creating an alternative lower cost solutions that could produce higher quality results.  
In recognition we received a nomination for an internal corporate award... we did not  win, but we're  honored just the same ;)
This video was made to loop on the actual display tablats in partner retail spaces( such as Best Buy).  This was the first time we created the UI experience along side the actual UX design team, since our ship dates were so close do to the custom "demo" builds that needed to be pre-loaded in a special software build ahead of the production builds.   We were able to acomplish this by working closley with the UX team, starting with very early UI assets and wireframes. Our After Effects / photoshop workflow was designed specifically to be able to accomidate rapid revisions, asset and content changes.  The effort was such a success we were nominated for what we call the " Ratchet Award" for making the repeatable easier... oh AND this new method of production has saved the department roughlly a million dollars per launch, per product.

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