Above is a group photo I took of the Windows Phone design team (most anyway).

  Below is some of the work I did while working for Microsoft on the Windows Phone design team. In addition to being the unofficial team photographer most all of the work I got to contribute was mostly UX interaction and motion design. In addition to working on the Windows Phone design team designing fluid " Metro" UX motion design,  I also had the pleasure of working with various other teams at Microsoft .
While this had quickly become a newer area for opportunities in my design career, I will say that when it came to UX anything I feel my production background really allowed me to help communicate the UX team, motion lead and creative directors visions. 
In addition to being a full time UX designer on the Windows Phone design team I had the privilege of being asked to join special incubation (R&D)  team called "Mobile Labs."   This was a UX boot camp for sure as Ithe team was so small and light weight I got to take a lead role in ideation, UI visual design, interaction and motion UX design.  I will also add that my broadcast TV really helped communicate our many patented ideas we won.  The ability to take all that ideation, interaction and UX problem solving never been done before, then quickly mocking up fully edited, composited shot video showing our ideas in real life enviroments was incredibly satisfying.  Once able to capture live action production showing appropriate demographic and geographic user scenarios for our specific concepts we continued refining our UX interactions and user flows easily right over the video plates.  Since we shot with prototype hardware (with blank screens) I was able to quickly comp in those new revisions.  Ultimately, I was very honored to be able to even present at a incubation "Labs" prototyping engineering event.  The talk was well recieved and later after additional presentations with Microsoft VP's we were happy to hear that the 3 major projects, out of the 5 done that year, had been accepted and written into the official Windows Phone planning memo to be shipped in the coming product cycle.

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